It's very important to prepare for the disater or the emergency as a usual.

The point of preparation

 ・ Find a safety space in a house.
 ・ Prepare a flashlight and a radio for the power failure.
 ・ Prepare a fire extinguisher and a first-aid medicine.
 ・ Prevent the falling objects and conduction.
 ・ Find a safety island and way.
 ・ Talk to your family ahead fo time to decide where you will go if seperate, so everyone will know what to do.


The preparation of emergency belongings

 ・ Prepare some emergency supplies in your bag, such as canned food, a can opener, a flashlight, batteries and first aid materials.
 ・ Check the flashlight and the radio working.


Check list for the preparation


Drinking □water ( 3 liter×3days per 1 person)   Clothes □underwear(12sets)
Food □canned food (opner) □winter clothes
□instant cup noodles Sanitary supplies □wastepaper, towel, bath towel
□biscuit, chocholate □sanitary
Electrical appliances □flashlight □lighter, candles, portable fuel
□radio □gloves, winter socks, portable stove
□extra battery □rope, whistle, raincoat
Medical supplies □for internal use Baby stuff □milk, nursing bottle
□a disinfectant, oinment, cotton □diaper, cleaner paper
 gauze, bandages, triangle Etc □cash, back book, one's seal, insurance policy, picture
 Band-aid □contact address

(notice) Following the above statement is listed about things for 23 days of refugee life.
   In addition to check anything you need more.